Gumpold Christian – Founder and Managing Partner

Mr Christian is responsible for all business globally that falls under the GC&Co umbrella. With extensive experience across many global markets and regions, Mr Christian has previously worked for the likes of JP Morgan where he was a dedicated Wealth Manager and Financial Analyst. 

A term with UBS Wealth Management saw Mr Christian managing portfolios for some of the wealthiest investors across the globe.

Mr Christian formed Gumpold Christian & Co. after recognising the flaws in certain famously known financial institutions. His ideology was to keep the client’s goals and objectives as the key component when managing their wealth.

“It is easy for large financial institutions to promote investment vehicles and often to forget the real wants and needs for its clients. I wanted to make a change and offer a dedicated service to each and every individual client we work with.”

James Partridge Chief Executive Officer

Mr Partridge was headhunted in 2010 for his key skills in people management and the vision he brings to organisations. His and Mr Christian’ paths crossed in 1998 whilst both working at JP Morgan.

Since his employed at GC&Co, Mr Partridge has streamlined the way business is done. Successfully opening the New York Department, he has played a vital role in the successful expansion of GC&Co.

“Our Main goal is to continue expanding and opening offices across the globe but at the same time not by compromising our personal client service. I feel that this strategy is extremely positive for us and I look forward to opening our Australian desk in late 2018”

Simon Pendleton – Director of Portfolio management

Mr Pendleton joins GC&Co with a 12-year career in Investment banking. His expertise in Fund Management has led to his client’s portfolios being outperformed year upon year.

“Risk management is vital when managing client monies, our dedicated team help to gain me a huge advantage when taking on the financial markets.”

Michael Lafferty – Lead Portfolio Manager

Mr Lafferty previously worked with Industrial & Commercial Bank of China and throughout his nine-year period there, became known for his strategies in emerging markets & value investing, maintaining earnings throughout all market conditions.

Mr Lafferty goes above and beyond for his client base and has been working alongside key managing partners of GC&Co since 2013. He role within the organisation is key to our success and expansion over the past 5-years.